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So much more than just massage strokes...

What you'll get from attending a course with My Kid Rocks is more than you might expect.

Yes, I'll teach you the massage strokes that undoubtedly have therapeutic benefits but that's only the beginning.

IAIM courses have communication as their focus and parents and babies at their heart. We spend time observing our babies' reactions and responses to touch, learning their unique cues, and respecting their ability to tell us when they've had enough.

The course is kept simple and paced perfectly allowing babies time to get to know the strokes without introducing too much too quickly and overwhelming their developing senses.

Each class is up to twice as long as your average baby class at 90 minutes. This means there is no rush and everyone gets to relax and settle into the class each week.

Discussion plays an important part in the course. Talking about issues important to new parents is not only a great support, it creates friendships that can and do last for years. We cover topics such as the role of touch, crying, sleep, balancing your needs alongside those of your baby, and the impact of the pandemic on your pregnancy, birth and beyond. I've also done extra training and gained further knowledge on these topics and more to support the discussions and theory sections of the course but the ideas and experiences shared by parents in each group are just as, if not more, valuable.

Groups are small. During restrictions there are around 6 families per group, but even during 'normal' times I keep my groups to no more than 8. I understand that walking into a new group full of strangers can be hard, and that busy groups can be overwhelming for everyone. Small groups help to facilitate a good quality discussion where everyone gets the opportunity to join in if they want too. Equally if you prefer to sit back and just listen, that's fine too.

This is a class that is as much for you as a parent to a new baby as it is for the baby themselves. At my classes you matter too and will be called by your name, not 'johnny's mum'. It will provide you and your baby with the developmental grounding for all other groups and classes and a wealth of information relevant to your baby's first year and beyond.

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