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Does Your Kid Rock?


I'm Angela.  I help new parents connect and bond with their babies, improve their sleep and soothe their little tummies!

As a mother to two girls myself, I know all too well how important it is to get out and about with the kids, have some fun and meet other parents, especially those who are at the same stages of parenting. 


I've had two very different experiences of the early months and years of parenting.  With baby number one I felt really isolated and struggled to get out to meet other mums.  My own parents, although they didn't live too far away, were both still working, and I lived in a place where I hadn't grown up so I didn't have any connections locally.  Working full time my community was my colleagues, so when I left to start my maternity leave, I lost that contact, and adult conversation.  To be fair, I'm not sure my colleagues would have relished a conversation about leaky boobs and baby poop! Then baby came along, the initial rush of visitors ended and there we were.  Just me and a very small person who didn't sleep, wanted to feed constantly, feeling like I wasn't sure I was doing things right.  Having a group of other mums to ask and compare notes would have been really good to have.  I really wish I hadn't discounted going along to a Baby Massage class with my first. Because I was already trained in the mechanisms of baby massage and ran my own classes through work I felt like I shouldn't attend. I regret not going along just for the social benefits for me, I guess back then I really didn't get how important that bit really is.

Six years later baby number two came along and I realised that my experiences had taught me a lot about what I did and didn't want this time around.  From my birth experience to the post the post-natal period, and beyond there were things I was going to do differently.  One of those was to attend a Baby Massage course.  It's one of the few things out there suitable to do with a newborn.  It's like a first point of contact with other new parents.  Small groups keep it from being overwhelming for you or your baby. The friends i made on the course I attended I still see today, and I hear this time and time again not only from my own clients but from other parents I talk to who attended a course local to them.  I think the way the course has been planned really encourages friendships to form.  Whilst you are learning ways of bonding with your baby you are also sharing and learning from each other, and getting reassurance that you are not alone in feeling the way you do.  These things were what I took from attending the course and for me were so valuable!  And of course I also benefited from a chilled out baby who loved the sessions too and almost always left snoozing.

The inspiration for My Kid Rocks came from 13 years working in health in Childrens Centres, delivering courses and classes to parents and children under five as well as offering support in the home.  My own experiences, and also listening to parents around me, have influenced what I put into my own classes.

Quality, fun and value for money are really important to me. That's why I offer that little bit extra. With quality, world renowned IAIM training, and over 16 years experience, I can bring you the gold standard Baby Massage experience in lovely venues, plus social discussion time after a massage class to allow you to relax and get to know the other parents.

So take a look around the site, check out the Facebook page and 




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"The best baby class in Durham - highly recommend!  Angela creates a really relaxing environment for both parent and baby - and leads the session with confidence, knowledge and understanding.

The class is well balanced, with both baby massage and structured discussion. It is the perfect morning out for a new mum"

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