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5 Simple Present Ideas That Your Baby Will Love This Christmas

A baby exploring christmas presents

A baby playing with stacking cups

Stacking Cups Simple yet versatile - use them in the bath to develop pouring skills, with sand to make sandcastles, stack then inside each other, build a tower, count as you go! Babies will love knocking it down as they learn about cause and effect!

Essential for learning about spacial awareness and the skill of, surprise, surprise, stacking. Anyone else got a partner who can't stack pans?

A baby posting shapes through a shape sorter

Shape Sorter Ever been on a plane and watched someone try to shove a bag that is clearly too big or the wrong shape into the overhead locker...? Get your baby a shape sorter to help avoid them becoming this person. Develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness and problem solving.

A baby watching bubbles float in the air

Bubbles Great for language development, tracking, coordination and emotional development! See the anticipation build waiting for more bubbles, the wonder as they watch them float around, and joy and surprise as they pop and disappear! And repeat. A great bonding activity too!

A dad reading a book to his baby

Books You are never too young to enjoy a book! Babies love the sound of your voice, the pictures and the repetition. To be fair, you could read a baby the newspaper out loud and they'd love it! Books with rhythm and rhymes are great, lift the flap, or textured pages also go down well. The more repetitive the better! (Sorry) Excellent for speech and language development and understanding of the world around them.

A mother massaging her baby whilst chatting face to face

You! You really are all they want. You are their best toy! They love your face. They love your voice. They love your warm hugs. They love your craic. You are their entire world!


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