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  • Angela Laverick CIMI

How Baby Massage could be your Superpower!

Imagine having the power to calm your baby, induce sleep, soothe their pains and communicate with them in a way that allows you to connect deeply.

What if I told you that none of this requires any fancy gadgets?

The power is already within you!

Read on as I reveal your top 4 super powers and be your baby's hero!


Knowledge is power.

Watch your baby. Soak up everything they do. Spend some quiet time really observing how they react in different situations.

What do they like? How do you know? What did they do to show you?

What happens when they dislike something? The obvious answer would be that they cried, but what did they do BEFORE that? Crying is the strongest message a baby can give us, but often there are more subtle cues shown before the point of crying that give us a clue. A change in facial expression, breathing, temperature or skin colour, or simply disengaging and turning away could be a first attempt to tell us. Observing and responding to these cues gives you the ability to understand and communicate with you baby on a whole new level.


Seeing your baby suffer in pain can be very distressing, and our poor babies can really go through the mill as their brand new digestive system kicks into action. Trapped wind, constipation, 'colic' (more about this later), teething, growing pains... And all we want is to be able to take those pains away... And you can!

The power for this one lies within your hands. Learning a few simple massage strokes and routines will see you battling the supervillains causing all this distress as you melt those pains away. And all with the magic of touch.

Did you also know that massage can boost the immune system!? So you are also protecting your baby through touch! Amazing!


Massage has the power to induce a nice deep and longer than average sleep. So many mums report that their baby "slept for hours after the massage class!" I've even had a mum repeat the course 3 times just because she knew her baby would sleep so well afterwards that's she'd get loads done!

Massage increases the production of the relaxing or anti-stress hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin and lowers the production of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, we also see higher levels of dopamine. This leaves us feeling super relaxed and ready to face... Bed! If you've ever had a massage yourself you'll recognise that feeling of just wanting to drift off to the land of nod.

A slow, rhythmic, respectful massage can calm and relax your baby, and you too!


As you are massaging your baby you are stimulating so many of their bodily systems. SUPERBOOST their circulation and you can actually warm up their tiny hands and feet. SUPERBOOST their digestive system and you help to relieve trapped wind and constipation and soothe the associated pain. SUPERBOOST their nervous system and you are stimulating connections between the neurons in your baby's brain. WOW!

And it doesn't stop there, other systems stimulated by massage include the hormonal system, the immune system, the lymphatic system and the vestibular system.

AAAAND, it can also boost growth in your baby and milk production in you! SUPER!

You really are a Superhuman!

So hone those skills and be your baby's Superhero.


5 week IAIM Baby Massage courses are run all over the country, in fact they are run all over the world!

If you'd like to learn with me in Durham, take a look at the upcoming courses here.

If you are further afield start here.

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