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Massage On The Dancefloor (You’d Better Not Kill The Groove)

“My first baby hated massage!

But it wasn’t like your class. It wasn’t like this! I feel instantly calmed when I walk in, and then I don't want to leave!

No. The other class was quite different.”

Would you go for a massage if it was in a disco?

Would you be able to relax with flashing multi-coloured lights?

Add in some loud music?

What if the room was busy with lots of people and lots going on?

How would you feel?

Would it send your senses into a state of high alert or worse, an overstimulated


What if I said you’ve only got 15 minutes to get relaxed?

Quick! Don’t miss it!

We need to move on!

Are you relaxed yet?

Didn’t think so.

What would work better?

What would you need to start to feel relaxed?

Let’s strip it back.

Take away the busy-ness. Let’s limit the amount of people in the room. In fact, let's choose a room that’s plain and simple with less in it to distract us.

Take away the loud music. Or at the very least change it to low level calming background music. Sometimes complete silence can be too much.

Right. Get rid of those flashing lights! Dim the lights a little. Soft lamps only. No overhead strip or LED lighting. Mmmm, cosy.

Are you feeling better?

Don’t worry, we have plenty of time.

Take it easy, there’s no rush.

Trust the process....

Baby Massage is not an add on.

It does not need extras.

The massage stimulates the senses enough!

It is not something to be squeezed into a singing or sensory class, in an attempt to offer more value.

It is valuable in itself and deserves its own space, opportunity, and time.

There are so many benefits that are missed when it is rushed and not fully understood.

Let's give our babies the same opportunity to relax that we would demand.


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