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Your Newborn Baby is Your Best Guide

This week is #BabyCommunicationWeek24 a campaign by @brazeltonuk that highlights how amazing babies are!

Today's theme is ‘Your Newborn is Your Best Guide’

This message is something that the @iaimuk , with whom I trained, has running through everything they do.

The IAIM course I run is completely baby-led. The emphasis during the class is on your baby’s needs, not as you may have thought, on completing a massage!

Throughout our class, you are encouraged to watch your baby and notice how they react.

You touch your baby.

They respond.

That response informs your next move.

It becomes a conversation.

Touch is our first language.

You are always encouraged to respond and follow your baby’s lead, whether they show they are happy to continue or need to stop for a break or a feed. Babies are very good at communicating what they need.

Sometimes, their cues are very subtle, but when we relax, slow down, and notice the little things they do, we see just what clever communicators they are!

It really is worth slowing down, allowing time to rest together and take each other in. It may look or even feel like you are doing nothing, but this time spent bonding and really getting to know each other on a deeper level is gold.

When you watch your baby, rather than the clock, you see so much of what your baby is saying to you, and you learn to trust them to let you know what they need.

Your confidence grows, and this helps you both relax.

 Photography by @angelafenwickphoto

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