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No Need to Compare, Your Baby is Already Totally Unique

No Need to Compare, Your Baby is Already Totally Unique - Day 2 of #BabyCommunicationWeek24

Your baby is unique.

Different from every other baby.

Their personality is developing already, influenced by their experience of the world around them, responding in their own unique ways and learning at their own pace.

The human brain is AMAZING!

Did you know that more than a million new neural connections are formed every SECOND in the first year of life?

And that by the age of two years, a human brain is 80% developed?

In the first 1001 days, from conception to two, the brain develops faster than it ever will again, and a baby’s earliest experiences shape the person they become.

With such variable possibilities, how can we ever expect babies to be anything other than unique?

Why then do so many baby books, apps, and schedules exist with a one size fits all approach?

When we learn to trust our baby’s ability to communicate their needs, when we learn to tune back into our own instincts and trust ourselves, when we stop comparing and despairing, and embrace our brilliantly different babies, we find wonder in parenthood.

A baby poking their tongue out

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