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They say it's Colic...

Time and time again I see mums struggling with unsettled babies, babies with eczema, babies who haven't pooped for days. They've been told their baby has 'Colic', or Reflux, or "It's just baby eczema - here's some cream, they'll grow out of it".

I get messages most weeks from desperate mums asking if it's true that massage can help? Because they've tried what the doctor suggested, but it hasn't helped. Or maybe the Gaviscon helped the Reflux, but now their baby is constipated! Or maybe they were simply told "It's normal..."

How can a baby crying all day be normal? How can vomiting every feed be normal? How can red raw scaly skin be normal?

In some cases massage can help, yes. Massage relaxes the body. It promotes the production of the relaxing hormones and helps the body to function more effectively, with less straining and pain. The tummy routines are great at stimulating the bowel and moving trapped wind, which we frequently see evidence of in class!!

But often there's something else going on. Something that's causing the excess gas, painful tummy and / or regurgitation, constipation or explosive poop. And I certainly don't believe that eczema is normal!

Many mums have been able to get to the bottom of their baby's issues after attending my Baby Massage course. It may not always have been the massage itself that gave the answers, but the discussion and the information shared during the sessions that led to that 'aha' moment and then led towards happier days for everyone.

Every mum that finds her answers in my classes makes my heart swell a little bit more, because I know how it feels to finally work out what's causing the problems and how it then feels to be able to fix it for your baby.

I know because it happened to me too.

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