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Plain and Simple - Less Really is More!

I hesitated after I took this photo.

I thought, gosh how boring does this space look? Especially when we see all those other baby groups with loads of colour, props and exciting things to look at.

But then I remembered why I chose this space for my classes.

I chose it because it IS plain.

This means we can limit distraction and sensory overwhelm for new babies.

Babies are able to fully process the purpose of the class - bonding through nurturing touch.

Parents are able to fully focus on their babies and massage mindfully - bonding through nurturing touch.

My classes don't need sensory extras. There is already so much going on - stimulation, interaction, relaxation and relief as we massage.

I won't dilute that with unnecessary extras just to make it look more attractive.

What matters is what is already happening.

Sometimes less really is more.

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