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What's in a Name?

How did I decide on the name for my business?

I wanted a name that reflects the ethos of my business.

It’s all about nurturing through communication, touch and massage.

It’s about acknowledging and validating feelings, both that of the parent and the baby.

It’s about supporting through the struggles and celebrating the good days, when the love comes easily.

Being a parent is hard!

During each massage class, there is time for discussion over refreshments. Time for parents to offer support, ideas and encouragement, in a space where all ideas are valid and respected and parents can talk openly without judgement.

It’s about the emotional health, development and well-being of both parent and child.

Both my Baby Massage Courses and Rock a Rhyme Classes offer an opportunity for parents to bond with their babies and children. Bonding is not something that happens instantly, but is something that develops over time, building and strengthening the relationship as we go.

My Kid Rocks… in my arms, not in a corner(!)

My Kid Rocks…because they are awesome!

My Kid Rocks… does yours?

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